Anasayfa » TR-401 UPRIGHT BIKE


by yonetici

Width: 680mm // Length: 1200mm // Height: 1300mm

Intelligent Display: LED dynamic digital display, showing resistance level, power and running time etc at any moment, contributes to your supervision and control of the movement fettle.

Humanity Design: the machine have several fixed procedures and user-defined procedures for different users.

Resistance System: Taking an advanced electromagnetism resistance regulates system

Heart Rate: Tested by hand holds type , allow to examine heart rate at any time

Generator: Install an imported self-power generator, which is safer , more reliable , better for energy conservation and environmental protection

Footplate: Using balance weight footplate , makes user more comfortable and safer.

Frame: Adopting fortified bicycles frame , makes it stronger, more stable and more elegant.

Positions: All the pivotal running positions adopt imported accessories , which makes the movement more fluent and more everlasting.

Transmission System: Multi-DMC driven

Max Motor Power: 300W

Max Motor Speed: 1000rpm

Resistance: 10 Levels

Max User Weight: 330 lbs/150kgs